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About this website

The website everydaycalculation.com provides online calculator and conversion tools for all kinds of calculation one might encounter in everyday life. We have tried to categorize the calculators in specific groups to make it easier for you to discover related calculators.

The categories are finance, construction, health, date & time, unit conversion, everyday math, home & lifestyle and some others. Some of the more popular calculators are:-

The calculations used on this website are based on well-known formulas with the exception of a few calculators such as love percentage, chinese gender predictor, dog age which are to be used only for fun. The formulas are shown along with the calculation result for all the calculators. Links to authoritative sources are also provided for calculators with more tricky calculations.

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This website neither collect nor require you to provide us with any personally identifiable information to be able to use it. The website, however, uses third party services to serve ads that may collect information used to identify you, service provided by Google Adsense.

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The calculation results on this website is correct as per the prescribed formula. However, all contents on this website is meant for information purpose only and does not in any way constitute advice of any kind.

If you have any comments, suggestions, requests for calculators we haven't covered yet, bug reports, or just want to say hello, feel free to contact us.

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