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Date Duration Calculator

Our online tools will provide quick answers to your calculation and conversion needs. On this page, you can calculate date interval between any two calendar dates. Find time duration in days, weeks or months between any two given dates.

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To count forward or backwards any number of days/ weeks/ months from any given date, use our date arithmetic calculator.

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Date Interval Calculation

  yyyy2 mm2 dd2
− yyyy1 mm1 dd1

To find duration between two dates, we subtract the smaller date from the larger date, using the principle of borrow and re-group used in arithmetic subtraction, in the following order:-

  • Subtract the two day values. If the top value is smaller than the bottom value, borrow the no. of days in the month preceding mm2 and reduce mm2 by 1.
  • Subtract the two month values. If the top month is smaller than the bottom month, borrow 12 from the year2 and reduce yyyy2 by 1.
  • Subtract the two year values.

Apart from showing time difference in days, weeks and months, we also show you the approximate time duration in hours, minutes and seconds.

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