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Our online tools will provide quick answers to your calculation and conversion needs. On this page, you can either calculate the quantity of goods you can buy for a certain amount of money or calculate the cost of the goods given the quantity. This calculator with price per unit conversion is very useful when you are out shopping.

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This calculator automatically converts the price per unit specified in product price to price per purchase unit, using standard conversion values. Next, we solve for purchase cost or quantity purchased using the following formula:-

Price per unit = Cost / Quantity

Sample usage - Convert cost between different units

Gasoline or petrol is generally sold by the liter in service stations; You can use this calculator to find how much quantity you can buy, say in gallons, for $20. You can also find the cost for filling up the car by 5 gallons.

In similar manner, you can find unit price of products e.g, cost per ml, cost per oz, price per liter, price per pound, price per square meter and many more.

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