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Land Area Calculator using Compass App

Our online tools will provide quick answers to your calculation and conversion needs. On this page, you can calculate area of small and medium-sized plots of land having irregular shapes using tape measure and compass app. You need a compass app to calculate plot areas with this method. If your smartphone has a built-in magnetometer, you can download compass app from your OS vendors.

Area map


Result window

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Land area calculation

Starting at any corner, note down the compass reading and the distance to the next corner with the compass/ phone aligned along the side measurement. Likewise, note down the values from the second corner to the next and so on in a sequential order until you reach the last corner.

As illustrated in the figure, a three-sided plot will have two pairs of [distance : direction] values. A four-sided plot will have three pairs and so on. Simply enter the values to calculate the area. The above figure shows the sketch of the land with the following pairs of [distance:direction] measurements 10:50, 20:80, 17:175, 13:245.

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