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Calories Burned Calculator

Our online tools will provide quick answers to your calculation and conversion needs. On this page, you can calculate the amount of calories burned for a given workout viz., brisk walking, running, cycling and swimming. Note that the calculations are only a estimate since the actual number of calories burned also depends on other factors such as temperature and terrain.

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Calorie burn calculation

This calculator is applicable for running, walking, swimming, cycling, biking and treadmill workouts.

Calorie coefficients used in this calculation:
Walking: 0.653 kcal/(mi.lb)
Running: 0.790 kcal/(mi.lb)
Cycling: 0.28 kcal/(mi.lb)
Swimming: 2.93 kcal/(mi.lb)

To find the calories burnt for an activity, multiply the distance covered in miles and your body weight in pounds with the calorie coefficient for that activity. As can be seen, heavier people will burn more calories for the same distance covered.

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